"We surf almost every day using only Honey Shield for sun protection."

The Honey Shield Sun System

We are proud to bring you our complete sun care system; developed from spending many hours in the ocean. Like all natural systems, these products work together and enhance each other. For best results, use them together as recommended below. In true Honey Shield tradition, all products are edible - but not food. We believe if you would not eat something, you should not put it on your skin!

Barrier Balm

Sun Mask

Barrier Balm is a natural mixture that nourishes and protects your skin against the elements. It minimizes skin contact with sunscreen ingredients while preventing your skin from drying out. Massage it generously into your skin before applying the Sun Mask. It is excellent for use on the lips.

A natural, fragrant and non-toxic face mask to be used in the sun. Contains non-nano zink oxide; the safest sunscreen ingredient for UV protection. Suitable for use in submerged conditions; even in extremely turbulent water.  Comes in two tints (fair and tan) to match your natural skin color. For best results apply over Barrier Balm.

Lip Shield


This product has all the properties of Honey Shield Sun Mask, but has been specially formulated for use on the lips. Since lips are so sensitive we recommend that lip shield only be applied over Barrier Balm. The tint resembles natural lip colour and it tastes like honey.

Once out of the sun, wipe off your Sun Mask and apply this nourishing blend of coconut oil. It also acts as a remover for any Sun Mask that may be left over on your face.