"We surf almost every day using only Honey Shield for sun protection."

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Natural skin care products

Honey Shield Sun Mask @ R220 per 50ml tub

The Honey Shield Sun Mask: a Sun exposure management skin care product, for use in the sun on face and ears. Available in two skin tone colours: FAIR and TAN.

Honey Lips @ R90 per 10ml tub

The Honey Shield Lip Shield: A Sun exposure management product, especially formulated for lips, with the same sun care properties as Honey Shield, but with a colour closer to natural lip colour.

Barrier Balm @ R220 per 50ml

The Honey Shield Barrier Balm is a nourishing natural mixture that protects your skin against the elements. It minimizes skin contact with sunscreen ingredients while preventing your skin from drying out.

Moisturiser @ R110 per 50ml bottle

The Honey Shield Moisturiser. A Natural moisturiser with a nourishing blend of coconut oil, great for treating dry or sunburnt skin and removing remaining sun mask.