"We surf almost every day using only Honey Shield for sun protection."

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Smaller is Better!

It has come to our attention that a lot of our customers have been unable to use all of their Sun Mask before the expiry date. It just lasts too long! To prevent wastage and ensure that you always have fresh Honey Shield on hand, we have halved the size of our containers accompanied by a corresponding drop in price. So check out our new 25ml jars.


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Natural skin and sun care products

Sun Lotion @ R220 per 50ml tub

A mild, nourishing lotion that helps your body to deal with the damaging effects of the sun. Best results in wet conditions. Estimated SPF: 15

Sun Mask @ R130 per 25ml tub

Heavy duty mask for the face and lips. Apply over Sun Lotion, especially if you have dry skin. Can be used to treat acne if applied without sun lotion. Available in two skin tone colours: FAIR and TAN. Estimated SPF: 40

Honey Lips @ R90 per 10ml tub

A special moisturising formula for the sensitive skin of your lips. Estimated SPF: 15

Barrier Balm @ R130 per 25ml

A Natural, all-purpose balm that won't come off in the water. Contains anti-septic and healing ingredients. Use on small cuts, cracked heels, dry lips and wetsuit rash. Estimated SPF: 5

Moisturiser @ R110 per 50ml bottle

A natural mix of moisturising oils with the tropical smell of coconuts. Rejuvenates the skin after a long day in the sun. Works well for removing excess Sun Mask.